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Wednesdays 7-8 AM and 9.30-10.30 AM (CET).
On Zoom
CHF 17 / EUR 15 (twint 0797257306 or transferwise)
Classes are held in English
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(yoga at your own time: Replays of classes available in “Videos” – please write an e-mail to get the password!)

Womb Yoga & Women’s Circles with Rahel
Included in the first 3-month cohort – the foundational course “the Heroine’s journey” of the Be Woman Project Devi School.
A Women’s Circle Facilitator Course & Education on the Sacred Feminine.
Starting October 26th 2020
Register here to Devi School

Cancellations: December 2nd (Womb Yoga)

“Womb Yoga with Rahel is very relaxing and sensual. She has a very pleasant voice and has a pace during the lesson that allows you to be there consciously.

I’ve been doing yoga for ten years, but with Rahel I got to know many new and fantastic exercises that I have never experienced in any yoga class.

I feel very comfortable during the lesson, as Rahel offers different variations that can be performed during menstruation or pregnancy.

I also like it very much that after the lesson in the group we briefly exchange ideas with women from all over the world.”

Maria, 30, Switzerland

The womb is the seat of life force, the creative energy in a woman’s body – at least so yoga and tantra say. Many of us women carry a lot of shame and trauma inside and around our body, our being, our sensuality. Which often creates tension and a feeling of disconnection from our surrounding.
In Womb Yoga, we shine light on an area which we often neglect: the womb space. We invite our bodies to express what is and see whether we can find acceptance for it. We emphasize gentle, nurturing and sensual movements. We work with sound and mudras.
Re-connect to your feminine essence. And: „You do you“ – whenever possible.

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