Womb Yoga, Women’s Circles & Pujas

The weekly Womb Yoga classes are taking place on Wednesdays 7-8 and 9.30-10.30 am CET. They’re designed in collaboration with Devi Temple – a virtual altar of the Be Woman Project. This sisterhood- and membership program consists of four sessions per month, where the Be Woman Project team teaches in rotation: Embodiment Classes, Women’s Circles, Sadhanas/Pujas & Treats. In Devi Temple, we inquire into a specific topic around womanhood: Worthiness, empowerment, pleasure and more. To this, I add a an anatomic/energetic aspect centered around the womb space in the womb yoga classes. So we really have time to dive… deep.
Welcome also to my new, monthly “Wombing” mini sessions, for free, 20 minutes, streamed through the Be Woman Project Facebook Sisterhood.

Monthly Schedule:

***Womb Yoga classes take place every wednesday if not stated differently***

April: Worthiness & Yoni Mudras

No Womb Yoga on April 21st and 28th

Devi Temple: 11th – Women’s Circle

May: Power /Empowerment & Womb Energy

No Womb Yoga on May 5th and 12th

Devi Temple: 29th – Treat

June: Competition/Jealousy & the Pelvic Floor

Devi Temple: 13th – Devi Sadhana & Puja

July: Pleasure/Orgasms & Sounds

Devi Temple: 24th – Treat

August: Relationship & Self Care Practices

Devi Temple: 15th – Women’s Circle

September: Money/Abundance & Bandhas

Devi Temple: 25th – Treat

October: Creativity & Breath Practices

Devi Temple: 17th – Women’s Circle

November: Loss/Grief & Heart Energy

Devi Temple: 27th – Treat

December: Love & Womb Meditations

To Participate…

Womb Yoga Classes

  • Time: Every Wednesday, 7-8 and 9.30-10.30 am CET /  1-2pm & 3.30-4.30pm WITA / 9-10am & 11.30am-12.30pm (Dubai) / 4-5 and 6.30-7.30pm AEDT (Sydney). Cancellations are announced on the website latest till Tuesday evening CET before class.
  • Sign up: via Whatsapp +41797257306 or e-mail rahel.landolt@me.com till Tuesday afternoon.
  • Access: via Zoom-Link, no password required
  • Payment : 17 CHF/ 15 EUR (Be Woman Project Graduates 11 EUR). Trial Class is for free.
    Twint (0797257306), Wise or Paypal (rahel.landolt@gmx.ch)
  • Replays: Will you miss or did you miss a class? Purchase anyways and you get the replay

Devi Temple Classes

  • Time:
    Women‘s Circles: Saturdays/Sundays 9-12 am CET.
    Treats (Meditation, Womb Yoga, Art and more) Saturdays/Sundays 9-10.30 am CET
    Sadhanas/Pujas (Spiritual Practices/Vedic Offering Rituals): Saturdays/Sundays 9-10.30 am CET
  • Payments: Women’s Circles 25€, Treats, Sadhanas & Pujas 18€, via Be Woman Project.
  • More Info and sign up: via Be Woman Project

Wombing – Play, Woman!

“Wombing” – Join me for a 20 minutes class, every 4 weeks, 20 minutes, in the closed Be Woman Sisterhood Facebook Group. As part of “Play Woman”, where the Be Woman Project Team weekly shares liberating, pleasurable, sensual, creative, natural, healing, and empowering practices to deepen your intimacy to the joyful Yoniverse, your sacred vessel. Find more info here.

The womb is the home of life force according to ancient hindu texts. The place where important transitions take place in a woman’s life. Menarche, Sexuality, Pregnancy, Menopause, Birth and Death. She is a source of wisdom, has many sacred stories to tell. My intention in the womb yoga classes is to create a ritual space – a womb – in which you can feel safe to explore, listen, and respond to what your body is telling. We work with rhythmic and undulating movements – bandhas, mudras and sound – inviting fluidity into our bodies. And minds…


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Photo by Purnama Melissa for Be Woman Project.

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