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…into your own journey of self-love.

I’m Rahel and share what I’m passionate about regarding the self, body and mind. The tools that I’m convinced of… that have been helping me so profoundly to find more self-acceptance as a human being and specifically as a woman.


My Womb Yoga include asanas, embodiment- and breath practices, meditations, mantras, mudras and bandhas. Providing healing specifically to the female body and mind.
Each month we focus on an energetic or anatomical aspect around the Womb Space – the seat of life force according to hindu texts.

My Women’s Circles intend to provide a space where we can

  • Be a sacred mirror to each other, reflecting each other’s wholeness.
  • Nurture, grow & celebrate sisterhood
  • Practice non-judgmentalness, agendalessness and sweetness.

Sadhanas and Pujas spiritual practices or rituals in the Vedic Tradition help one to settle account with oneself, other people and the universe.
So we can develop a yogini’s attitude of taking responsibility for our own feelings instead of blaming others. And receive the gifts of life with glad acceptance.

Photos by Wari Om (1) and Purnama Melissa (2-4) for Be Woman Project


“Our womb power is mysticalrichinfinite…and deep
When we activate our womb power (and you can do this with or without a physical womb, it’s all about the energy), we reclaim our ancient roots as Priestesses and Priestxs… Why? 
Because womb wisdom is the source of so much of our spiritual power and knowledge…”

Layla Martin

“Wombing” – Join me for a 20 minutes class, every 4 weeks, 20 minutes, in the closed Be Woman Sisterhood Facebook Group. As part of “Play Woman”, where the Be Woman Project Team weekly shares liberating, pleasurable, sensual, creative, natural, healing, and empowering practices to deepen your intimacy to the joyful Yoniverse, your sacred vessel. Find more info here.

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Blog depicting my apprenticeship with Be Woman Project, August 2020-April 2021

Building up Goddess-Strength

Crying, laughing, contemplating on birth and death, re-discovering one‘s own body and bathing in flowers. 11 days. Full on. Here is my version of what happened during my third and last training within my apprenticeship with Be Woman Project.

Why I decided to stay in Africa, despite Corona

Do I better stay or leave a country where Corona can become life-threatening for people even if they‘re not infected? I let the repatriation-flight fly, without me. This is why I decided to do so and how I‘m trying to not lose sense of proportion…

Regaining Trust in My Desires. Or: This Christmas, Eat as Much as You Want Without Guilt.

What are you longing for? a friend asked me recently. I long for trusting myself. For doing what my body wants to do, my heart, myself. For no more having that much need for external approval… The insight that one can trust one’s desires and that self-force doesn’t work, I got from a programme on dietary transformation (which is much more than just about food). And from Vedanta: My teacher says that we follow values not because we should – but because we realize what we lose by not following them: peace of mind.

Family constellation: one more step in making peace with myself

It blew me away as only a few things have blown me away before. The woman who played the role of myself expressed thoughts which I had never said out loud but corresponded exactly to what was going on inside me. The other participants constellating my family expressed things that were amazingly true. I cried buckets full of tears… What’s the supposed effect of “family constellations”? I have some assumptions 🙂

Discovering the value of being a woman: My first steps

Once you go that path, you can’t help but continue to walk on it. It’s just too attractive. You have become too attractive. You don’t want to abandon yourself anymore… Here is what I have resonated the most with in the Be Woman Project-training dedicated to the goddesses Laksmi (neutralizes the sense of unworthiness) and Lalita (represents sacred beauty and sexuality).

Why I quit my (somehow) great job and started to pray

It was a safe, at times, exciting job. Nevertheless I did my job only by quitting my job. What led me to my decision? Knowledge about how I can deal with anxiety and feel more at ease with myself, what values truly mean and that I can live with less. Namaste.

How I realized I’m worthy not to run after him

We spent 24 hours together and I fell in love. Believe it or not and I find it ridiculous, too. But it happened. And the pain felt real. I decided to handle it differently this time: I cried, I asked for help and then faced my shame and projection. Until I realized that I no longer really mind that he doesn’t take what is here.


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